You will see references to src_id throughout this document. This API is designed so that the client application is not required to store Cyrano generated entity identifiers; you should pass your own internal unique identifiers as the src_id.

Source IDs are case insensitive.


Do not use Personally Identifiable Information as your Source IDs

Source IDs are the primary way to find entities like individuals and conversations with our API. As a result, it's a good idea to avoid using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) -- like email address -- as your Source IDs, as they may end up in a link in a web app.

Email addresses are great as identifiers, so if you plan on using that as your unique key, we recommend using a one-way-hash algorithm like MD5 to hash the email address, then use the hash as the Source ID.


Company Source ID Examples

  • e.g. Account ID from 001d000348sABCXYZg
  • e.g. domain name:

Individual Source ID Examples

  • e.g. Contact ID from 003d000284aGKSWxyg
  • e.g. hash of an email address: 18fcaa7b74b92f123316f997ac2eb019

Conversation Source ID Examples

  • e.g. Case ID from 500d000291aTcFPjAw