Contexts are NLG modules particular to a specific use case. has several contexts that are available to each customer, and many that are either premium contexts or custom to specific customer deployments.

Generally Available Contexts


These are Insights based on the analysis of a single individual.

  • about: Information and advice relating to the analyzed individual or period. Includes feedback about how to encourage productivity, effective decision-making, increase focus, and avoiding burn-out.
  • follow_up: Advice for how to follow up with the analyzed individual, including how to present follow-up information and how to ask questions that provoke positive action.


These are insights based on comparing two individuals.

  • working_with: Personalized advice for how to best work with the analyzed individual.

Custom Contexts

Cyrano's team of linguists can help design personalized information or advisory contexts for your specific deployment. Custom contexts may be industry-specific (e.g. Healthcare, Legal, etc), or use-case specific (e.g. performance reviews, negotiation, etc), or both. Contact us to learn more.