Analyses are performed on a conversation automatically when utterances are added and when conversations are ended. Additionally, bespoke analyses can be created based on the desired number of analysis intervals or the desired duration of the analysis interval. A notification (webhook) can be sent when analyses are completed, and analyses can be retrieved at any future time with the API.



The "v1" analysis object and API are deprecated. See "v2" create analysis.

The Analysis Object

durationNumber (ms)Duration of the conversation. Calculated by either the conversation time_end or by using the latest utterance time_end.
interval_timeNumber (ms)Number of milliseconds of conversation represented in each individual.intervals entry.
individualsArrayarray of Individual Analysis objects.
typeStringEither "simple" (when a conversation is still open) or "complex" (when a conversation is ended; includes intervals)



duration and interval_time will only be included in the object for conversations that have been ended.

The Individual Analysis Object

individualIndividual object
outputKeyed objectA list of strings to display in output. The output key designates the category for the content.
analysis.overallDeep Listening Analysis objectObject describing results of analyzing this individual over the entire conversation. Object keyed by names of taxonomies analyzed against.
analysis.intervalsArray of Deep Listening Analysis objects.Each element of the array represents one interval for the conversation.

A null entry indicates that there were no utterances for this participant for this interval.



analysis.intervals will only be included in the object for conversations that have been ended.

The Deep Listening Analysis Object

Each object is keyed by the name of the taxonomy the analysis represents.

confidenceNumberThe confidence level of these results. Values from 0 to 1.
rankedArrayA list of dimensions for this taxonomy, ranked by score.
bucketsKeyed objectA list of dimensions, grouped by buckets defined for this taxonomy.
intent.scoreNumberThe Decision Intent score. Only included for "Motivation & Commitment" taxonomies.
intent.labelStringThe Decision Intent label. Only included for "Motivation & Commitment" taxonomies.