Combining Company and Individual Creation

You may pass the company object instead of the company_src_id if you need to create a company at the same time as the individual. This operation is safe; if the company src_id exists, the operation will continue and create the Individual, linking it to the existing company.


Required Fields & PII

Few fields on the Individual are required to create the record, in order to simplify managing personally identifiable information (PII). However, The Deep Insights NLG may look for fields like first name and last name when generating the output. If you know that the Deep Insights configuration for your deployment does not rely on these fields, you may safely omit these.


Request Validation

  • The email must be a valid email


409 Conflicts

If you try to create an individual and the src_id already exists, you will receive a 409 status code, with the existing Individual in the body of the response.