October 30, 2020

Added optional src_id property for Utterances. See Create Utterances API.

October 15, 2020

Added new optional fields to Conversation object
The Create Conversation API now accepts two new fields: "name" and "channel". Channel is an ENUM, accepting ONE of the following values: "phone", "email", "video conference", "website chat", "sms", or "other" (the default).

October 13, 2020

The "NLG" API is now the "Deep Insights" API.
The endpoint has changed as well, from /nlg to /insights.
This change reflects the broader nature of the API.

Added the Update Conversation API
This API replaces the more limited End Conversation API, which is now deprecated.

Easing Validation

  • Utterances are now accepted after a meeting has been ended.

Create Conversation updates

  • accepts the time_end parameter and metadata

October 6, 2020

Introduced the new /nlg API.

Insight Contexts
A new (optional) contexts (Array[string]) parameter has been added to the following APIs:

  • POST /conversation/[src_id]/utterances
  • PATCH /conversation/[src_id]/end
  • POST /analyses

The default value for this parameter is ["basics"], which returns the insights that are part of the "basics" context: "about" and "follow_up".

When other contexts are provided, the insights included in the resulting analyses will include those from the given contexts.